The Ι. Sakalleros family is involved in fishing, processing and marketing natural sponges. The story began in Kalymnos, in 1895. At that time, the family owned six fishing boats which fished for sponges in the Mediterranean (from the areas close to Libya and Tunisia as well as from all over the Aegean).

As the company was a family affair, it was only natural that this tradition should be passed down from generation to generation. In 1986, after the death of Nicholas Sakalleros, the management of this traditional family business was transferred to Emmanuel Sakalleros who, in 1993, decided to transfer the company's headquarters from Kalymnos to Kos.

Then, to make it easier to do business with large foreign companies, the headquarters and main store house were transferred to Koropi in Attica.

This was a crucial decision for Sponge Traders International as it then managed to win a large share of the Greek and international sponge market.

The company’s success is illustrated by the fact that by the end of 2016 “EMMANUEL SAKALLEROS AND CO” had managed to take over the market, selling its products in more than fifty countries. The company provides excellent service and unique, highest quality products at competitive prices.

A history of sponges

References to sponges can be found as far back as Homer’s times, in both the Iliad and the Odyssey. In Roman and Byzantine times, sponges were used in various different ways in everyday life, such as in painting and in medicine.

Sponges were first fished in the Mediterranean Sea, and later the art and practice of sponge-fishing spread to other areas such as the Caribbean.

What is Sponge Traders International (STI)?
Sponge Traders International is a Greek company which processes and markets natural sponges and other high-quality bath products.
When was it founded?
The Sakalleros family’s involvement in sponge fishing began in 1895. The family owned six fishing boats which collected sponges from the Mediterranean and the Aegean Sea. Over time the family business developed and today the company sells sponges all over the world.
Where are the company’s central storage facilities?
The company’s central storage facilities have been in the Tochi area of Koropi in Attica for the last 17 years.
What kinds of products do you process and market?
1)Three kinds of natural sponges: Grass sponges Hard sponges Honeycomb sponges

2) Various different kinds and shapes of loofahs.

3) Pumice stones (natural volcanic stones and natural pumice stones Nisyros type).

Why should I choose STI?

The company holds a leading position in its area of business. -It works with at least 600 customers in Greece and abroad. -It exports to 36 countries. -It produces approximately 200 000 pieces a month, and production is continually rising. -Combining extremely high-quality products and attractive prices is very important in today’s world, and STI excels at this.

How to contact us

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fax +0302117450008


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